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Wardrobe Revamp – The Lavish Realm Way

 Wardrobe Revamp

Sometimes we all need to mix it up a bit and go on the hunt for new wardrobe essentials. We’ve all been there before: having too many clothes with nothing that we’d truly want to wear.
To avoid this situation for the upcoming seasons, the Lavish Realm team gathered the most unique materials, silhouettes, and prints that will give you an instant wardrobe revamp.




Lavish Realm Wardrobe Revamp


Why it’s essential: Basics are perfect to pair with a statement jacket or heels, or if you’re in a rush and still want to look gorgeous. To start off your wardrobe revamp, switch up your simple white Tees and grey midi dress with more detailed pieces such as slide slit sweaters or a neutral dress with a small colorblock stripe.

Materials & Prints: Go for soft materials such as cotton and simple neutrals such as beige, white or warm undertones such as burgundy and brown.


Lavish Realm Grey Knit Midi Dress

Lavish Realm Pick: Grey Knit Midi Dress








lavish realm

Why it’s essential: Let’s face it…when it’s freezing outside, finding the stylish outfit to wear (and the motivation to wear it if it’s not warm enough) is not always fun, but with a few chunky knit cardigans, you can easily solve this wardrobe problem. While you might think cardigans don’t necessarily associate with stylish, they offer endless styling options while keeping you cozy. Wear it with a statement belt and a mini dress underneath it or with drop earrings.

Materials & Prints: Go for soft materials such as cotton and simple neutrals such as beige, white or warm undertones such as burgundy and brown.


Lavish Realm Chenille Knit Button Down Cardigan

Lavish Realm Pick: Chenille Knit Button Down Cardigan



 lavish realm





 lavish realm

Why it’s essential: Who says you can’t rock dresses on a busy Tuesday? If you find the right matches that are the perfect mix of edgy, simple and beautiful, casual dresses will become your new favorites.

Materials & Prints: For winter, we recommend a versatile rib knit material with grey tones and a pop of color, and for the warmer season, prepare with light fabrics and romantic prints


Lavish Realm Pick: Floral Printed Off Shoulder Bomber Dress




lavish realm




lavish realm


Why it’s essential:  Make sure you have that party dress that will always make you feel stunning and sexy...a dress you just never want to take off. Our dream party dress is definitely something we can wear with a leather jacket or blazer depending on the occasion, something daring with a very feminine vibe.

Materials & Prints: Sheer, metallic fabrics will emphasize your figure and make you stand out of the crowd for all the best reasons.


Lavish Realm Pick: Sheer Multicolor Maxi Dress




Before you start revamping…

…make sure to say goodbye to those brand new old dresses (still with their tags on) and take them to charity shops or recycling points. This way, you can make space for the new, knowing the old is at a good place now.


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